Week 13: Under the Sea

Under the Sea

I originally planned some sort of epic nail art with fish and a little crab and everything, but the truth is, I’m bad at art. 🙂
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Week 08: yellow

(Note: I got the May SquareHue: Madonna collection, but I hate it intensely, so I’m not even going to bother to swatch it. The Silver Nail did, however, and you can see her lovely pictures here.)

week 08: yellow

Ah, yellow. I love yellow, but it very definitely does not love me back. My ancestry is first-generation Portuguese (which in a perfect world would give me lovely olive-toned skin), and I-don’t-know-when-they-came-here Russian Ashkenazi, so the combination leaves me with cool-toned light skin that burns easily but then tans well. Or it would, if the weather would cooperate, but it’s been raining for four days. But what it really means is that while I love buttery pastel yellows and covet them in nail polish, they look pretty terrible on me. Sadface forever.

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Week 01: Easter


So Pintrest and YouTube and Instagram are full of ideas for Easter nails, but I wanted to keep things pretty simple. I love the look of polka-dot nails, so I went with a skittles mani in spring colors and simple dots. It didn’t take too long, since the dots weren’t fussy, and I like how it came out. I only photographed the one hand, but my right hand has the same base colors in a different order, and different colored dots, so they’re not exactly mirror images.

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