Week 01: Easter


So Pintrest and YouTube and Instagram are full of ideas for Easter nails, but I wanted to keep things pretty simple. I love the look of polka-dot nails, so I went with a skittles mani in spring colors and simple dots. It didn’t take too long, since the dots weren’t fussy, and I like how it came out. I only photographed the one hand, but my right hand has the same base colors in a different order, and different colored dots, so they’re not exactly mirror images.

Easter nails 01   Easter nails 02

From pinkie to thumb, the colors are: China Glaze Keep Calm Paint On, Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Julep Ashely, butter London Sprog, and China Glaze Pink-ie Promise. The white dots are Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear White On.

The two China Glazes are part of the Avant Garden collection, which I picked up half of at Sally Beauty when Becca visited at the beginning of the month. I have yet to regret my color choices there — it seems all the spring collections are these basic pastel colors, and the CG formula is so good I think I got the best bargain at 2/$11, each one 0.5 mL. Compare to, say Julep, which is $14 for 0.28 mL, and I’m pretty pleased with my CGs.

Speaking of Julep, I got that orange sheer shimmer in the Spring Mystery box, which was $25. In it, I got three polishes: the Ashely (which I love), Camille (a medium-sized iridescent sparkle in a clear base that I adore because I’m a sucker for iridescent anything), and Lauren (a bright neon hot pink that I hate and I think would look terrible on me). Also in the box were a cardboard mini-file (good quality emery surface), three neon hair ties which I’d love if my hair weren’t too short to pull back, a full-sized tube of sunscreen, a handful of chocolate eggs (thanks, Julep, for helping me stick to my diet), and a single nail polish remover pad. So while it has the value it promised, I won’t use half the products, including the sunscreen, since all my face products already contain sunscreen and I have sensitive skin as it is. So really, all I got out of that purchase was the orange and sparkle polishes. Oh well. I’ll probably buy the next mystery box anyway.

The last recent polish purchase (I’m DONE FOR NOW, I SWEAR) was the six butter Londons I got on sale at Ulta. I couldn’t be happier with those. Sprog turned out to be a much more purple shade than it appeared online, but I still love it and don’t have anything quite like it. I’m sure I’ll be featuring the other shades soon.

Finally, I’ve clearly forgotten all my hard-earned photoshopping skills, because it took me forever to color-balance these pictures so my fingers didn’t look so red. I’ll need to work on that as I keep going with this challenge.

Next up: Game of Thrones nails for the season premiere!


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