Mani: Copper Deco

I’m trying to be less perfectionist about line art on my nails, so rather than use striping tape on this mani, I just used a small striping brush. While the lines are definitely not straight, they’re also not too far off.


I used butter London polishes for this. Poole is the pale turquoise, and Goss is the metallic copper. Both have a great formula; Goss especially has amazing coverage.

Summer is ending, but I’m holding onto these summer colors for awhile! What do you think?


Butter LONDON Gears & Gadgets trunk


Today’s my birthday, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a gift! Back when Ulta had this set on sale, I purchased it even though I’m clearly drowning in polishes. I love the steampunk aesthetic, and I’m okay with the fashion-size bottles, so even though I own several of these colors already, I wanted to get this set for the new colors and the pretty box they come in, which will make a handy travel case for the holidays. I’ll gift the colors I already own, and then everyone’s a winner!

What’s in the box?! Click here to read and see more

Week 27: Autumn 27:autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. I’m lucky to live in New England, where the changing foliage is stunning and dramatic. Even on my daily commute to and from work over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed the previously green trees turning gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, red, and russet. I love the crisp bite to the morning air. Apples are my favorite fruit, caramel my favorite candy, and Halloween my favorite holiday. And the fall collections of nail polish are some of my favorite colors!

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Butter LONDON Fall 2013: Colour Clash

BL Colour Class

Click image for a bigger view

I’ve been eagerly awaiting butter LONDON’s fall collection, because let’s be honest, fall colors are my fave. I’m an autumn, color-wise (medium brown hair with a hint of red in the sun, hazel eyes, fair to light skin), and all the russets, coppers, bronzes, and golds of fall make me happy.

So how bummed am I at this collection?

The colors in this collection are as follows (descriptions are from the butter LONDON website).

  • Cake-Hole (An opaque, nearly neon pink crème) – this color was previously available only at Macy’s
  • Pimms (A sunflower yellow crème)
  • Cotton Buds (An opaque, pure white crème)
  • Giddy Kipper (An indigo shimmer)
  • Wellies (A grass green crème)
  • Silly Billy (A fire orange crème)

I guess this fall is all about brights, which I think will be fun in clothing, but it just doesn’t satisfy my desire for all those burnished reds, oranges, and greens of autumn. The collection is available now at the butter LONDON website.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up any of these?