Butter LONDON Gears & Gadgets trunk


Today’s my birthday, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a gift! Back when Ulta had this set on sale, I purchased it even though I’m clearly drowning in polishes. I love the steampunk aesthetic, and I’m okay with the fashion-size bottles, so even though I own several of these colors already, I wanted to get this set for the new colors and the pretty box they come in, which will make a handy travel case for the holidays. I’ll gift the colors I already own, and then everyone’s a winner!


The box is patterned in black with a raised gold design of clockwork gears. The Butter LONDON emblem is fixed on the lower right with a solid tag. The gold-tone clasp is wrought into a cool little design that makes it seem more complicated than it really is — perfect for steampunk, which is Victorian style meets technology. Inside, the box is lined in a Victorian-esque pattern of small red and yellow flowers on black. A mini set of tools featuring a nail file, dotting tool, and brushes is fastened to the lid with elastic straps, as is a five-pack of nail polish remover pads. The polish bottles are nestled on their sides in two rows, held in groups of three by the depressions in the box. A thick foam pad was included to keep the bottles from rattling around, as there’s space between them and the lid.

The polishes are as follows.
Top row, left to right:

  • Horse Power Nail Fertilizer
  • Pink Ribbon: Sheer, white pink creme
  • Trout Pout: Opaque cantaloupe creme
  • Macbeth: Opaque, orange-coral creme
  • Knees Up: Opaque, metallic red
  • La Moss: Opaque, wine-red creme
  • * Baroness: Opaque, burgundy metallic
  • * Clockwork Heart: Opaque, wine matte-satin finish
  • All Hail the Queen: Opaque, holographic beige
  • Dubs: Full coverage, taupe glitter in 3D texture base
  • * Brass Goggles: Semi-sheer, black and gold foil glitter
  • Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat

Bottom row, left to right:

  • Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat
  • * East End: Opaque, curry yellow creme
  • Brick Lane: Opaque, gold shimmer in deep pumpkin orange creme
  • Slapper: Opaque, teal creme
  • Petrol Overcoat: Sheer, tornate overcoat with opalescent sheen
  • * Right as Rain: Opaque, heather-blue metallic
  • Giddy Kipper: Opaque, indigo shimmer
  • Molly-Coddled: Opaque, lavender orchid creme
  • Queen Vic: Opaque, cranberry red creme
  • Lovely Jubbly: Full Coverage, magenta glitter flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles
  • * Earl Grey: Opaque, steel-grey metallic
  • Matte Finish Top Coat

* These colors are exclusive to this set from the Clockwork Collection
The colors aren’t true in this photo, so head over to Butter’s website for a better look.

These are what Butter calls “fashion-sized,” which is about half a regular sized polish. Here’s a comparison of fashion Petrol on the left and regular Petrol on the right.


Even the tools are little. I’m wearing Petrol over Zoya Claudine in this picture.


This trunk retails at $150 USD, which is pretty steep, but you get a ton of polishes and tools and a trunk that can be reused. This would make a great gift for a polish lover in your life, or a great gift for yourself. Because what’s the holiday season for if not indulgence?

What do you think of this trunk case? Worth it or no?


4 thoughts on “Butter LONDON Gears & Gadgets trunk

    • Thank you!
      It really is a lovely trunk case. The handle is nice and sturdy and it seems really well made. It’s going to make a great manicure travel case as I shuttle back and forth across states for the holidays.

    • Thank you!!
      I kind of choked on the price, but I’m glad I splurged; I really wanted it and it feels good to indulge! And, you know, I’m saving on Memeboxes these past couple of weeks. 🙂

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