Week 10: Glitter

10: glitter

I didn’t forget my weekly mani, but when I got home from my mother’s last weekend, I had some pretty disappointing news waiting for me, and then I had a polish disaster that resulted in shattered bottles and stains all over my closet carpet, and then it got boiling hot out, so I haven’t been able to get myself together enough to post. I’m sorry!

Becca and I decided to switch week 10 with week 11 so that we could have our red manicures for this week’s hopefully epic Game of Thrones episode. It kind of works out because the epi was delayed for the airing of HBO’s Liberace biopic, and so a glitter theme was eminently appropriate.

I attended my niece’s graduation from University of Delaware and wore this mani. While it was unseasonably freezing, when the sun did manage to poke out of the clouds, it made me so utterly sparkly I couldn’t stop staring at it. (Which kind of gave me something to do while the honorary speaker began to ramble…for an hour!)


Look at how shiny they are! You can see the glitter reflecting onto my fingers in some pictures.

This gorgeous shade is butter LONDON’s Bit Faker, part of the summer holiday 2013 collection. Becca and I have a theory that we’re so attracted to butter because of the square bottles and trendy lowercase logo, which is probably true. I mean, at $15 each, they’re certainly designer polishes, and I can usually find similar shades in more affordable brands. But damn, I love them. I can’t help myself, I want them all, even the ones I know will look terrible on me.


Deliberately a little out of focus on the nail so you can see the blended color and the sparkle.

Bit Faker is full coverage glitter, with full opacity in two coats. One of the things I do love about butter LONDON is the easy, smooth formula of their polishes, and the small brush that makes it easy to reach the edges of my nails. Bit Faker is made up of gold, brown, and copper glitter of differing sizes, and looks wonderfully multidimentional. Like any glitter, it needed a few coats of thick topcoat Seche Vite to smooth out the surface, which meant that when it did begin to chip, about five layers of stuff peeled off my nails in chunks. But by then I was ready for a different mani anyway, and peeling my nails (which is BAD and you shouldn’t do it!) kept me busy during The Great Gatsby movie.


This color would probably look better if I had a tan. *sigh*

I took these pictures in my mom’s back yard early Sunday morning. I didn’t even think my mom was awake, when suddenly I heard her window go up behind me. She stuck her head out and called, “You need nail polish rehab!” I think she’s right. πŸ˜€

Next up, for reals: red!
Becca swears she’ll catch up on updating this weekend. Check out if she means it at Fishay Fishay!


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