Memebox Review – Special #19: Cleansing Kit

The Asian routine involves serious cleansing as the first step. I double cleanse: first with an oil cleanser to dissolve makeup, then a foaming cleanser to get every trace of crud off my face. I’ve noticed since I started doing this that my skin is much happier with me. If there’s one cardinal rule of beauty, it’s to never go to bed with makeup on! I jumped on the Cleansing Kit, because I’m always going to need cleansers, so I thought it would be a good way to stock up. This box contained 6 full-sized products. All product descriptions below come from the info card included (corrected for grammar and spelling because, well, I can’t restrain myself).

Cleansing Kit

Memebox is a Korean Beauty mystery box. They generally release new boxes each week; some are themed and others miscellaneous products. All items are Korean, usually lesser-known brands. Boxes range in price (starting usually at $23 USD) and standard shipping (which takes a couple of weeks) is $6.99 USD per box ordered (so if you order two boxes, it’s $13.98 for shipping). Boxes are usually pre-ordered to be shipped at a later date, although they do have some ready to ship now.

Memebox products come packaged in a sturdy pink cardboard box with crumpled tissue paper for padding. The box then comes in either a pink bubblewrap mailer or a shipping box if multiple boxes are shipping at once. The products are usually arranged neatly and are often sealed by the manufacturer.

NOTE: I still have plenty of cleanser that I’m using, so I haven’t used any of these products yet. But I like them all and will rotate them in as I run out of things.

Secret Key Oil-Free Lip and Eye Makeup Remover (100mL)
“Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, ethanol, and artificial colors, this formula is infused with papaya, strawberry, pumpkin, aloe vera, green tea and rosemary extracts, and it’s extremely gentle and nourishing for the skin.”

Eye Makeup Remover

I don’t know why all the pictures are so blue. My camera’s light settings must have been off-kilter.

I use eye makeup almost daily and I wear contacts, so it’s essential for me to have a separate eye makeup remover that’s very gentle. I look forward to using this, but I’m worried that it may not take my mascara off all the way.

D’RAN Wonder Pure Cleansing Lotion (150mL)
“This is a lotion type cleanser for gently melting away all base makeup, excess sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities from your face. The snail mucus extracts, fermented bean extracts, and centella asiatica extracts deliver abundant nutrition and offer soft, non-irritating application.”

D'RAN Cleanser

So this cleanser has the awesome trifecta of snail slime, yeastiness, and pennywort. Snail mucin has anti-aging and healing properties, fermented products are fantastic for anti-aging, and pennywort is an herb used in Asian medicine. It seems this cleanser is designed to bolster the effects of serums that contain these ingredients, but since you wash it off, I’m not sure how well that would work. But I like that it contains such good stuff.

Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam (100mL)
“Specifically created to treat acne during the summertime, Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam is actually a pharmaceutical product. It’s packed with aloe vera extracts, royal jelly extracts, propolis extracts, licorice extracts, and mulberry root extracts to soothe, moisturize, and facilitate skin regeneration.”

Acne Foam Cleanser

Wow, this cleanser is packed with so many anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients! Fortunately for me, though, I don’t really suffer from acne except for the monthly zit or two, so I’m going to send this off to a friend who needs it. But if I needed it, I’d be excited to use this product.

Arrahan Peeling Gel (180mL)
“Peel away any and all dead skin cells from your face with this gel made from nourishing oriental medicinal ingredients. It’ll leave your face silky soft and super moist.”

Arrahan Peeling Gel

While I love foot peels, I can’t say I’ve ever tried a face peel. But I think I’m feeling adventurous enough to try this soon. I do love peeling masks, but I think this is closer to a scaling mask that gently exfoliates.

Makeup Helper Special Pore Care 2 step (6 each)
“This steam pack and lifting pack offer an easy way to open up the pores, remove impurities, and tighten up enlarged pores again. Both packs are enriched with green tea extracts and honey extracts and are gentle and nourishing to skin.”

Steam and Lifting Packs

I recently had a facial, and the aesthetician warned me never to try and squeeze subcutaneous pimples without steaming my pores open first. Since I don’t have a handy face steamer, these packs seems like a nifty way to accomplish that task. I’ll have to do this on a holiday weekend or something so I don’t have to face my students with any blotches, just like scheduling a facial. The instructions warn that the steam pack makes “your skin temperature rise 10 degrees,” so it could end like opening the Ark of the Covenant. 😀

FERDERMA Egyptian Mask Pack
“This finishing mask pack is enriched with rosemary extracts which have long been prized by Ancient Egyptian women and used for anti-wrinkle care. The EGF components of the mask also work to firm up sagging skin and improve skin texture overall.”

Egyptian mask pack

I’m not sure how true that claim is, but did I tell you I love masks?

Cleansing is such an important first step to skin care that I’m glad I picked up this box. It’s sold out now, but check back to see if it’s been restocked.

$5 off orders over $100 – AFFILIATE-9833-3488Y-VBYN
$10 off orders over $150 – AFFILIATE-2632-U4F4W-XGMS

All links and codes on this page are affiliate links, for which I receive commission. All products featured in this review were purchased by me.

Next up: Fermented 2 Memebox, and I should have some of the new Zoya fall collections soon!


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