Memebox Review – Special #11: Cacao

I jumped on this chocolate-themed box so fast I’m amazed I didn’t burst into flames from the air friction.

Cacao Box

Memebox is a Korean Beauty mystery box. They generally release new boxes each week; some are themed and others miscellaneous products. All items are Korean, usually lesser-known brands. Boxes range in price (starting usually at $23 USD) and standard shipping (which takes a couple of weeks) is $6.99 USD per box ordered (so if you order two boxes, it’s $13.98 for shipping). Boxes are usually pre-ordered to be shipped at a later date, although they do have some ready to ship now.

Memebox products come packaged in a sturdy pink cardboard box with crumpled tissue paper for padding. The box then comes in either a pink bubblewrap mailer or a shipping box if multiple boxes are shipping at once. The products are usually arranged neatly and are often sealed by the manufacturer.

Etude House Milk Talk (200mL)
“This can be used as a body wash and a bath milk — simply pour it in for a hot and bubbly chocolate bath.”

Milk Talk

I’m saving this for a stressed-out night, because nothing sounds better when I’m miserable than a chocolate-scented bath. Etude House is one of the more familiar Korean brands, known for its cute packaging.

WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask (100g)
“The real cacao components from the mask cleanse away all dirt and impurities piled up in your pores, and the various minerals included work to moisturize and brighten your complexion.”

Cacao mask

Using this mask is like smearing brownie batter on my face. It smells divine and melts into in the skin. After I wash it off, my skin looks smoother, healthier, and brighter. I need more of this stuff.

PureSmile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk
“Replenish your complexion into a baby face with this Chocolate Milk Mask rich in milk protein nutrients, cacao extracts, vitamin E, and collagen which all work to hydrate and smooth out uneven skin texture.”

Chocolate Milk mask

I know Pure Smile is drugstore brand, but I love their products. I’m going to buy more of this mask — I found them on Amazon for relatively cheap.

Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut and Cacao (130g)
“While some cleansers with larger foam particles, excess vibration, or friction can irritate the skin, this coconut and cacao-infused cream soap works gently yet thoroughly with micro foam particles that reach deeply into your pores, leaving your face refreshingly clean and smooth.”

coconut and cacao soap

This is a gentle foaming cleanser that works really well to get all traces of makeup and dirt off my skin. I don’t notice much of a scent, which is kind of a shame, but that may be preferable for some people. My only real complaint is the packaging — the tub means I get it under my fingernails every time I try to scoop some out, which really annoys me. For only that reason, I probably wouldn’t purchase this again.

Pure Smile Choose Lip Scrub Chocolate (25g)
“This gentle scrub is packed with all sorts of natural goodies — sugar, cacao extracts, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil — for removing dead skin, deeply nourishing, and adding an extra luster to your dry, chapped lips.”

lip scrub

I love the smell of this stuff, and have to remember to towel it off rather than lick it off. It doesn’t really contain enough granulated particles to scrub — it’s more of a balm. I use a cotton swap to rub it into my lips, which provides some extra friction. Some other people have tried mixing it with homemade sugar scrubs for better exfoliating action. I like this product, but I wish it were a bit rougher.

Purederm Nose Pore Strips – Choco Cacao (6ea)
“These pore strips are a one-step pore care treatment specifically designed to unclog excess blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, and oil piled up in your pores.”

pore strips

I don’t have much of a pore problem, and I don’t have any blackheads, so I thought I would be giving these away. But then I tested one and the rich chocolate smell won me over. I don’t even care if it works (it’s hard to tell, since the strip is brown — I can’t see the shmutz it pulls out). It’s very similar to a Biore strip, so if you like those, these are a chocolate-smelling option.

I think this is the only box where I started using all of the products in it. It sold out, but was popular enough that Memebox might reissue it. Similar boxes are the Honey 2 box and the Cafe box, if you’re looking for something sweet and decadent.

$5 off orders over $100 – AFFILIATE-9833-3488Y-VBYN
$10 off orders over $150 – AFFILIATE-2632-U4F4W-XGMS

All links and codes on this page are affiliate links, for which I receive commission. All products featured in this review were purchased by me.

Next up: I have no idea, I started work this week and I’m going in a million different directions!


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