Saturday Swatch – Two Textures

I didn’t think I’d like textured polish, but I do. Yeah, it’s annoying when washing my hair because the strands get stuck in the texture, but I really like the visual effect of it. My favorite is still Zoya’s Pixie Dusts, but Julep has started coming out with some too.

Queen Anne

Above is Julep‘s three-year anniversary polish, Queen Anne. It’s a lilac textured polish with sparkle. I really like this color, but next time I’m going to have to apply it over undies, because this took four coats to achieve real opacity and full coverage. In the tiny Julep bottles, four coats is, like, a quarter of the bottle. I wore this the first day of school this year and enjoyed how it glittered in the sunlight.


Zoya released Bar at the beginning of the summer in a Magical Pixie Dust collection with two pinks. It’s the same gorgeous nude as Godiva, my favorite original Pixie Dust (swatched here), but with the MPD large holographic glitter. This polish went on super chunky, which I don’t really like, but oh, how it sparkles in the sunlight! I’m wearing it now, and I think it looks just so pretty and feminine. Full disclosure: I polished this manicure late at night in crappy lamplight, so that may be why it’s so patchy and chunky for me — I really couldn’t see what I was doing. But I love it anyway.

Next up: Mani Monday!


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