Saturday Swatch – Julep September 2014: Art Walk


The Art Walk collection is several cremes in rich autumn colors, a sparkly top coat, and three satin finish colors. Several of the shades are very similar to each other, but I really wanted all of them, because I was craving dark colors. I didn’t want the beauty item in the boxes this month, so I opted for the Polish Lover’s Upgrade plus an add-on.

First up, the satin finishes — these dry down to a light matte that isn’t as obvious as a matte top coat would make it, but not nearly as shiny as a gloss.


Ryan is a green-leaning teal, a very pretty muted shade. I don’t normally wear green polish, but this one is a great color, and I think the satin finish makes it interesting. It went on smoothly enough (I was rushed in polishing these swatches, so you can see some bumps where I didn’t clean my nails thoroughly enough), and was opaque in the two coats you see here.


Quinn is a smoky purple, also a nice almost neutral shade. Did I need this and Ryan both? Eh, maybe not. But I like them both well enough. Two coats for opacity seen here.


Mary Lee is an oxblood red, that shade that’s so perfect for fall. I love that it’s satin finish, too, because it mutes down nicely. You can see some brushstrokes on one finger, but that’s just because I was rushing. I used two coats here. I should do a plaid pattern of Mary Lee, Ryan, and Quinn.

Next, the cremes. Julep does cremes frequently, but I love cremes; they’re always a classic look.


Mahima is a gorgeous antique gold. I usually hate gold and yellow polishes, because I think they just do not look good on me, but the darker tone of this one looks nice. It’s a bit brushstrokey, but if I applied a top coat, it would likely smooth that out. I probably wouldn’t do a whole manicure like this, but I would use it for an accent or in nail art. Two coats here.


Lupita is described as “rhubarb,” and it’s a pink-leaning red that really pops in this collection of darks. I originally thought this might be too bright pink for me, but it’s red enough that I actually love it. Two coats for this swatch.


Fifi is a delicate sheer pink. Even though I hate pink, I love soft sheers like this. Three coats still showed a little bit of nail line, but I’ll cope.


Erin is a neutral medium grey with maybe a hint of lilac. I feel like I have a million greys and only wear them sporadically, but I need to change that, since it’s such a versatile fall/winter color. Two coats here.


Eliana is a light navy blue. I can own every blue nail polish made and still want more, so it doesn’t matter to me how close this might be to other shades I have (Zoya Sailor, China Glaze First Mate). Two coats in this picture.


Kirby is a topper with silver shards and small circles in a clear base. You can see one coat of it over Eliana on my pinkie and ring finger (the leftmost two in the picture). I love the sparkle this has, and it was easy to brush on and get tons of glitter without having to daub and arrange. The bottle I’m holding is Kirby.

Ava is my add on, and is a topper with matte white shards and lines in a clear base. Again, this is one coat over Eliana on my middle and forefinger (the rightmost two in the picture). This one took a bit more dabbing on to get the glitter to apply evenly. I don’t think I have anything like this in my collection; I only wish it had more glitter in it.

Next up: Mani Monday!


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