SquareHue June: SoBe Collection (p3)

Holy smokes, guys, I have 30 followers! I think that’s more than I’ve ever had on any blog, even when I was semi-fandom-famous. 😀 Thank you all so much!

Here’s my final manicure for the June SquareHue SoBe Collection. You can see swatches at The Silver Nail, and see the art I did with the first color here and the second color here. The final color I used was Collins Avenue.


3rd color: Collins Avenue, with OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies

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Week 03: Spring


This took me all morning and I’m not happy. I don’t even know.

I originally decided to do cherry blossoms for Spring. I started with butter London’s Hen Party, a delicate sheer cherry blossom pink shimmer, but I hate having my nail tips visible because I get so much stuff under my nails and it drives me nuts to see it. So I tried again with a base of Essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur? – a bright-hued light blue. Too bright. Then China Glaze’s Keep Calm and Paint On, but then it looked like an Arizona iced tea can. So I finally went with OPI’s My Vampire is Buff, with branches in acrylic paint and petals in SquareHue’s Wartime Romance and High School Crush (from February’s Vintage Love collection).

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