Promo Post: Skinfood Memebox!




I rarely do promo posts on here because honestly I just can’t be arsed to, but I love the Skinfood brand like burning, so I was crazy excited to wake up and find that Memebox is releasing a Skinfood box. And it ships out three to five days after you place your order! They could fill this with discontinued hand creams and I’d be psyched for it, but I’m hoping it’ll contain a good selection of products from across the various skin care lines.

This will sell out hella fast, so pick yours up today!

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Quick Swatch – Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag October 2014

This is just a quick swatch of the two mystery bag colors and the special limited edition color of the month. I’m still really sick and way behind on grading, so I didn’t do a full review. Also, for the first time, I took pictures at night using an Ottlite, so the color quality is a little variable.

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Memebox Review – Special #32: OMG 2

OMG, indeed. These last couple of weeks have taken a toll — I don’t feel well, I had to grade a ton of assignments, the weather has been bad. So please forgive me!

Korean skincare is full of odd ingredients like snail spit, bird poop, snake venom, and spider guts. When Memebox released a series of OMG boxes, many people assumed they would be chock full of these kinds of things. The first one, which I didn’t buy, had by most accounts good products, but they weren’t really OMG-worthy. The second box is a little closer to OMG-ness, at least in some of the products. Let’s take a look.


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Memebox Review – Special #30: Tea Cosmetics

I love tea. Actually, I love anything with caffeine, because when I arrive at work at 7am or earlier, I need a crowbar to pry my eyes open and I only have fifteen minutes to get my energy up before kids start asking me questions. Tea comes in so many wonderful flavors (drinking apple spice chai right now), that I could have my paycheck sent directly to Teavana and be happy. Tea also makes a great skincare ingredient, and Memebox put a nice selection of products in this box.

Memebox Tea

Tea: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #31: Earth & Sea Cosmetics

Charcoal, volcanic ash, and seaweed are all surprisingly fantastic cleansing ingredients. Charcoal is of course used in a variety of industrial filters and purifiers, and seaweed combats acne and reduces toxins. I was really excited to get the Earth & Sea Memebox and slather myself with clay and kelp. The box didn’t quite meet my expectations, but it’s a fantastic box all the same.


Earth & Sea: click here to read and see more

Saturday Swatch – Julep September 2014: Art Walk


The Art Walk collection is several cremes in rich autumn colors, a sparkly top coat, and three satin finish colors. Several of the shades are very similar to each other, but I really wanted all of them, because I was craving dark colors. I didn’t want the beauty item in the boxes this month, so I opted for the Polish Lover’s Upgrade plus an add-on.
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