Zoya: three Satins

I love autumn. Well, except for that whole back-to-work thing. But I love the transition to cooler temperatures, apple picking, Halloween, and especially fall colors. The various fall polish collections are mostly out, except for some Halloween-specific ones, and the only one that was a must-buy for me was Zoya. I got all six Cashmeres (creme finish), three Satins (metallic finish), and four PixieDusts (textured matte finish). First up for swatching is the set of Satins.

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SquareHue August: Endless Summer Collection

I drove back home yesterday to find a note on my door saying my neighbor had taken in my packages (so nice of her! She didn’t know when I was coming home), so I spent the afternoon waiting breathlessly for her to get home from work. I had boxes from Skoshbox (review coming soon), Zoya, and SquareHue: I was in polish heaven for the night! So I have a lot of swatches for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

formul8edphrase squarehue 08-13

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Julep: July Maven Box

I’ve been a Julep Maven for three months now, and each month has tempted me to upgrade my box so I get the whole set. But each time, there has been something holding me back: May was my first box and I could only get it free if I didn’t upgrade, June had the DD cream (which I totally didn’t want). But July’s California Coast box finally did the trick: ten beachy polishes, sea salt spray for hair, and beach oil tonic for skin. Yup, sold.

Julep July Collection

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Glitter Daze: Rainbow Bridge

I’m ambivalent about indie polishes. Some, like a-England, I think are on par with luxury brands, while others aren’t my cup of tea. I love looking at all the myriad glitter combinations and yet always wonder how such a look is actually wearable without looking like a teenager. But after seeing Glitter Daze‘s Rainbow Bridge featured on Chalkboard Nails, I decided to take the plunge and get my first indie glitter.

Glitter Daze Rainbow Bridge

Macro shot of the bottle

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Julep: Nan

Julep and I are having a sort of love-hate relationship right now. I keep getting suckered into buying mystery boxes with the promise of beautiful polishes and goodies, and I keep getting disappointed. But they seem to take much more care with their Maven boxes; I’ve gotten two so far and absolutely loved them. So clearly I need to stop buying boxes if I don’t know what’s in them.

nan 01

Julep Nan: Nantucket red crème

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Julep May box

The Great Gatsby-inspired boxes for May finally convinced me to sign up for Julep, a mail-order monthly subscription box of nail and skin care. If you’re interested after viewing the post — and hey, why wouldn’t you be? — I’d appreciate if you clicked the blue box here on my sidebar to sign up through my referral, as it grants me reward points.

Julep costs about $20 a box. You take a beauty quiz to get a profile, from which Julep recommends a curated box each month, but you can chose a box from any profile or opt out of a month. You pay when you choose your box, and if you do nothing, you get charged and sent the box according to your profile. Boxes are shipped at the end of each month. Becoming a member, or maven, gives you an automatic 20% discount on individual products in the shop and gift sets, but not curated boxes. Julep has more than nail polish and skin creams; with the Gatsby sets they’ve put out lipsticks and lip scrub, and they had members take a new beauty bio quiz that implies they’re broadening into other makeup and skin care products.

The May Julep box. The tissue is sparkly and has a pretty floral design.

The May Julep box. The tissue is sparkly and has a pretty floral design.

“That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” -Daisy Buchanan

SquareHue: Bloom Collection (swatches and review)

Spring is in the air, except for here in the Northeast where it’s, like, 40 degrees and I’m wearing a winter sweater. But nail collections are in full bloom, including the April SquareHue: the Bloom Collection.

SquareHue Bloom Collection

Recap: SquareHue is a subscription service. For a monthly fee, they send you three full-size polishes, formulated and chosen by SquareHue. You don’t get a choice in color and you don’t know the colors in advance, although each month they put a promo picture and the name of the collection on the website, so you can make an educated guess. You can’t buy the previous polishes after the month is over, although maybe that will change in the future. It costs about the same as a Julep box, and you get far more polish by volume (3 x 0.5mL versus 3 x 0.28mL), but there are no cute add-ons or extras. You can suspend or pause the account, if you can’t foot it that month or the promo pic doesn’t thrill you (I’m on the fence about doing that for May, because I don’t know with that promo pic), and part of the proceeds go to charities: the current focus is preventing human trafficking and both helping victims and prosecuting criminals of it. SquareHue formulas are 3-free, so you can feel good about that, too (although I use Seche Vite as a top coat, so I’ll be birthing three-headed babies, I suppose).

This month’s box contained, as expected, spring colors of yellow, green, and purple, but I was pleasantly surprised when I went through my collection and found no actual duplicates. Each month’s polish names are themed; this one seems to be flower child, which makes sense.

SquareHue Bloom Collection bottles

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