Mani Monday – Winter White

I’ve been crazy busy (and not feeling well lately), so I have a ton of backlogged posts and pictures to get organized. First, though, I wanted to show off a mani I did using part of the gift my amazing MUT Secret Santa got me!

Fair Maiden Sleigh Bells in the Snow (formul8edphrase)

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Quick Swatch – Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag November 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, whether you celebrated a holiday or not. I was travelling and eating and hanging out with family, so I took a computer break. I have so much to catch up on! This is just a quick swatch of the two mystery bag colors and the special limited edition color of the month from Rainbow Honey’s November mystery bag.


Rainbow Honey November 2014: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Superbox #84: SKINFOOD

Remember how excited I was when this was announced? Well, I finally got it!

I love the SKINFOOD brand. They emphasize using food-based ingredients like rice, berries, cacao, sugar, and vegetables to produce really nice affordable skincare. Their packaging is generally nice quality, with glass bottles and sleek graphics for their higher-end stuff. My only beef with their packaging is the copious use of Comic Sans, but I’m a snob that way. 🙂

Memebox produced a SKINFOOD box that could have been better, but I think was worth what I paid for it (I used points to get a discount) and offered a good variety of products whether you’re new to the brand or not.


Skinfood: click here to read and see more

Butter LONDON Gears & Gadgets trunk


Today’s my birthday, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a gift! Back when Ulta had this set on sale, I purchased it even though I’m clearly drowning in polishes. I love the steampunk aesthetic, and I’m okay with the fashion-size bottles, so even though I own several of these colors already, I wanted to get this set for the new colors and the pretty box they come in, which will make a handy travel case for the holidays. I’ll gift the colors I already own, and then everyone’s a winner!

What’s in the box?! Click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #39 Cafe Box

There was a bit of online controversy over this box, since the promo image and description implied that the products would be coffee based, but the actual curation took a more broad view of “cafe” and included products like tea, sweets, and other things you’d buy at a coffee shop. Caffeine is great for waking up tired skin as well as tired minds, so I was actually a little disappointed to not receive a ton of coffee-based products. But when I opened the box and looked at what I got, I liked all the products so much I was glad I’d purchased it.


I forgot to take a picture of the products together, because my head is still about to explode of sinusitus.

Cafe goodness: click here to read and see more