Memebox Review – Special #31: Earth & Sea Cosmetics

Charcoal, volcanic ash, and seaweed are all surprisingly fantastic cleansing ingredients. Charcoal is of course used in a variety of industrial filters and purifiers, and seaweed combats acne and reduces toxins. I was really excited to get the Earth & Sea Memebox and slather myself with clay and kelp. The box didn’t quite meet my expectations, but it’s a fantastic box all the same.


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Memebox Review – Superbox #45: Korea’s Most Wanted

I planned to review Earth & Sea next, but I didn’t have time to take pictures, so let’s look at Korea’s Most Wanted instead. I had no idea what this box might be about, so I took a chance on ordering it, and it paid off!

Korea's Most Wanted


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Memebox Review – Superbox #44: No Makeup Makeup

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so time for another Memebox review! I really only rock a NMM look on weekends because I work in a dull environment and I like to liven it up with colorful eyes or lips. But I do like keeping my face minimal, especially since the temperature in my room is so variable. So I jumped on this box, hoping for products that would be light and neutral.

no makeup makeup


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Memebox Review – Scent Box #4: Floral

I missed the first round of scent boxes, so I picked up the next three in a bundle that advertised buy two get one free. They were each $15, so I spent $37 (including shipping) for all three (using a code that gave me free shipping on one of them). That’s probably more than I should have paid for these three boxes, considering what I got, but I do like several items in all of them. First up, the Floral Box.


floral box

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Memebox Review – Superbox #33: Collagen

Collagen products are marketed for anti-aging; they’re supposed to plump up the skin to smooth out wrinkles and provide an illusion of youth. I read somewhere that collagen doesn’t actually absorb topically, so the effects of these products are short-lived, but I’ve noticed a definite smoothing effect. That could simply be from better hydration of my skin, but I’ll take what I can get.

Collagen Box

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Memebox Review – Superbox #35: Fermented 2

The story goes that women working in a sake factory noticed that their hands remained smooth and soft through the years from being immersed in the fermenting yeast all the time. That’s likely an apocryphal tale, but new research shows that fermentation does assist in anti-aging products. High-end lines like SK-II use fermented sake, while its mid-price dupe Missha uses fermented beer. I drink a lot of hard cider, so I’m fermenting from the stomach out; why not try it on my face?

I missed out on the first Fermented Box, and was totally bummed when I saw it revealed because I wanted it. So I jumped right on Fermented 2, and I’m so glad I did!

Fermented Box

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