Memebox Review – Superbox #84: SKINFOOD

Remember how excited I was when this was announced? Well, I finally got it!

I love the SKINFOOD brand. They emphasize using food-based ingredients like rice, berries, cacao, sugar, and vegetables to produce really nice affordable skincare. Their packaging is generally nice quality, with glass bottles and sleek graphics for their higher-end stuff. My only beef with their packaging is the copious use of Comic Sans, but I’m a snob that way. 🙂

Memebox produced a SKINFOOD box that could have been better, but I think was worth what I paid for it (I used points to get a discount) and offered a good variety of products whether you’re new to the brand or not.


Skinfood: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #45: Chocolate Mania

Oooooh, this is SUCH a good box! I love the smell of chocolate. When I reviewed the Cacao Box, I warned that I would jump all over a second chocolate box, and so I did. Chocolate is an antioxidant and provides smoothing and softening benefits to the skin. And have I mentioned how good it smells?



Mmm, chocolate: click here to read and see more

Butter LONDON Gears & Gadgets trunk


Today’s my birthday, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a gift! Back when Ulta had this set on sale, I purchased it even though I’m clearly drowning in polishes. I love the steampunk aesthetic, and I’m okay with the fashion-size bottles, so even though I own several of these colors already, I wanted to get this set for the new colors and the pretty box they come in, which will make a handy travel case for the holidays. I’ll gift the colors I already own, and then everyone’s a winner!

What’s in the box?! Click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #39 Cafe Box

There was a bit of online controversy over this box, since the promo image and description implied that the products would be coffee based, but the actual curation took a more broad view of “cafe” and included products like tea, sweets, and other things you’d buy at a coffee shop. Caffeine is great for waking up tired skin as well as tired minds, so I was actually a little disappointed to not receive a ton of coffee-based products. But when I opened the box and looked at what I got, I liked all the products so much I was glad I’d purchased it.


I forgot to take a picture of the products together, because my head is still about to explode of sinusitus.

Cafe goodness: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #32: OMG 2

OMG, indeed. These last couple of weeks have taken a toll — I don’t feel well, I had to grade a ton of assignments, the weather has been bad. So please forgive me!

Korean skincare is full of odd ingredients like snail spit, bird poop, snake venom, and spider guts. When Memebox released a series of OMG boxes, many people assumed they would be chock full of these kinds of things. The first one, which I didn’t buy, had by most accounts good products, but they weren’t really OMG-worthy. The second box is a little closer to OMG-ness, at least in some of the products. Let’s take a look.


OMG OMG: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #30: Tea Cosmetics

I love tea. Actually, I love anything with caffeine, because when I arrive at work at 7am or earlier, I need a crowbar to pry my eyes open and I only have fifteen minutes to get my energy up before kids start asking me questions. Tea comes in so many wonderful flavors (drinking apple spice chai right now), that I could have my paycheck sent directly to Teavana and be happy. Tea also makes a great skincare ingredient, and Memebox put a nice selection of products in this box.

Memebox Tea

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